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This was a very old bathroom that needed to be updated.  The old black and white checkerboard ceramic tile was the first to go.  It really stands out in here and because of all the contrast between the black and white tiles, it actually made this bathoom look much smaller than it actually was.  I put the same ceramic tile throughout this entire house which has beige and tan mixed with some gray mineral streaks.  This added a very unifying element which added "easy flow" and "smooth transitions" between the rooms.  The 70's cabinets and old drawers, the harvest gold countertop with orange streaks all had to go too!  I felt like the counter top running under the window was wasted space.  All bathrooms need areas for storage and areas where you can add decorative elements.  I always prefer to hide a trashcan if possible too.  I also plan to cover that cheap, metal sashed window with a window treatment. Basically, this bathroom was totally gutted and we started designing with an empty space except for the shower which was added in 1999.  The walls are rough so I will have to come up with a way to cover them and still stay within the budget.  This is a rental house so the homeowner is on a very tight budget for this bathroom remodel.     


What a transformation!  Now, a lot of designers would say you have to choose either beige or gray but I actually love mixing the two.  The end result is a very quiet and understated elegance that has a coastal feel. This sink base cabinet was found on Craigslist which included the cream cultured marble top, sink, and bronze faucet and cabinet hardware for $100.  The homeowner liked their shower so I needed to work with the gray tile and mix the bronze elements with the silver which can sometimes be hard to do.  If you'll notice, they way the light hits the bird sculpture and the faucet, you see a glimmer of silver so even though this isn't ideal, it's not an eyesore to mix two metals if they have the same undertones.  I found a fantastic mirror that fit the area perfectly from Kirkland's for $67!  Area rug, small bench, and wall hook came from Amazon for less than $60 for all three.  The plantation shutter blinds with the 2.5 inch vanes covered the window well and added another coastal element to the space.  The walls were very rough so I covered them with a paintable wallpaper which was on sale at Home Depot for $25 per double roll.  The gallon of gray paint (Sherwin Williams "Knitting Needles") and the paper all together was less than $200.  You would never know it wasn't real beadboard, which can be very expensive!  Again, beadboard reinforced the coastal theme I was going for. The palm tree and oval mirror were found at the Goodwill in North Port, FL for $24 (total!) and added the decorative elements I always seek to add in bathrooms.  It was important to add something in the dark bronze to both sides of the room and since this bathroom has practically no natural light and was also fairly small, the mirrors worked to open the space and reflect light.  The only thing we did pay full retail for was the light fixture over the mirror (which you can't really see here) at $80.  We used white LED light bulbs which helped tremdously to add much needed clean light to the space.     

This was a very sad bathroom.  Apparently, at one time there had been double sinks and one was removed. This means there was an open drain line to the sewer which smelled horrible each and every time a neighbor flushed a toilet.  Once again, you have a cabinet with a yellow undertone which looked awful with the pink undertoned wall paint. Off to Home Depot we went and bought two new sinks for $149 each.  I have to speak my mind for a minute here for anyone that might be reading. Beware of the shysters at Floridian Realty in Port Charlotte.  My client leased this home and they did not disclose any of the problems she incurred while leasing this house at 3514 Blitman St, Port Charlotte. During the initial walk through, they had placed a shelving unit in front of those exposed pipes and had sprayed a ton of Glade to conceal the odor. Therefore, Floridian Realty knew they were renting a home that had an open drain line going out into the septic tank. This house was also fraught with plumbing problems (septic system backing up into the sinks, showers and bathtubs!) I felt so sorry for this client, after designing her living room, so I remodeled this bathroom at no charge. So buyers beware of 3514 Blitman St. in Port Charlotte Florida.  I learned Floridian Realty is listing this house for $369,000 and it has a pool that leaks more than five inches a day and the woman that owns this home cannot afford the 10K or more to fix it. Therefore, the whole time my client leased this house, she incurred a very high water bill. Also, the boat lift is broken and that also was not disclosed to my client. Therefore, for peace of mind, before you rent a house in Florida, hire us to go in prior to renting to avoid disasters like my client dealt with at the hands of Floridian Realty Services located on Access Rd. in Port Charlotte, Florida.   Nothing speaks louder than a Youtube video though!  Check this out.

This was truly a very easy fix.  After buying two new sinks for $149 each, I called a plumber and he came and put them in for $65.  I then searched Craigslist for a mirror that was the right size and found one for $50 and it was a great match to the new sink cabinets.  I found the perfect shade of blue for this client that helped this bathroom flow with the rest of the house (the blues in the living room.)  It's always a good idea to repeat a color in an adjacent room to create flow between the spaces. Though the client wanted white bedding, that was fine with the pinky beige wall paint.  I used mocha colored curtains in the master (which toned down the pink in the paint) and used a lot of blue accent pillows, a blue wall mural over the bead of a beach scene, and other blue artwork accessories. Though the master is not pictured, you can imagine how the spaces flowed effortlessly from the living room right into the master bedroom and bathroom. My client leased this house from Floridian Realty Service and it turned out to be a rental nightmare.  They should have never leased this house located at 3514 Blitman St. in Port Charlotte prior to fixing all of the problems!

Now that The Brady Bunch finally moved out, I gutted this bathroom all except for the bathtub.  To save money on this remodel, I found a new sink on Craigslist.  These were partical board cabinets and a harvest gold laminate countertop with orange streaks....what everyone wants, right?  (If you have read this far into my website, you know that's a joke!) The layout of this bathroom is OK all except for the way the door opens into it so I will probably need to add a pocket door.  It's a really small bathroom so I need to add some extra storage and some design elements. If you look close into the mirror, you can see the big bird yellow bathroom tile over the tub.  Obviously, that has GOT to go.  I do like the little built in to the right of the sink.  I can't wait to get my hands on this bathroom.  The walls in here (though you can't see it) are very rough so I am going to have to get creative to remedy this problem. Although the wide mirror does help to expand the space, all it is doing here, like any mirror would do is reflect things that are barking!  Bow ugly!

This bathroom was definitely not an easy fix.  However, I seriously lucked out finding the sink base, with the cultured marble countertop along with the faucet and the cabinet hardware on Craigslist for $100.  The walls were the next challenge.  Maybe I should do a knock-down textured wall to conceal the uneven walls.... I had to think on this a while. As always, I wanted a color scheme that was nature inspired.  So, the first thing I had to do was find the right shower curtain perfect which was a seersucker wave patterened one from Crate and Barrel. It had a classy mixture of beiges, light tans, grays, and whites and from it, I pulled all the colors in this bathroom.  The floor tiles are a mixed sandy beige color with light gray mineral streak.  Therefore, I decided on gray for the walls.   Think of a sandy beach along with some waves on an overcast day with a tree thrown in for a spot of green and you got the inspiration for this design.  The Crate & Barrel shower curtain I liked so much was pricey at $90 so luckily, I found one on Ebay for $65.  To the left of the sink, I added dark brown shelves, found a brown leaf statue and mirror at Goodwill and filled an old wooden bowl with sea shells.  The light fixture, paints and wall treatment were the only things we paid full price for at Home Depot.  The solution I came up with for the walls was a paintable wallpaper with a Damask design.  Installing the paper was easier than finding the exact right color of gray paint.  A lot of grays have blue or violet undertones, and like I have discussed earlier, there's really no such thing as neutrals.  It took me several days and buying several paint color samples to get the "almost neutral" gray you see here. Once I found the right color, I had the paint store do it 75% lighter.  If your paint store doesn't know how to adjust paint like this, find another one.  On the built in cabinet, I did the same gray only 25% darker than the original.  Finally, I added the beige mosaic tiles to the walls in back of the built in for a classy, finished look.   

As soon as I opened the door in here, it hit the wall where the toilet paper is.  So, the very first thing I did was check for switches and wall outlets on the blank wall beside the toilet to find out if there was any wiring.  Pocket doors can be expensive to do but in this case, it was money well spent for a few reasons.  First, there was no wiring there (YAY!) and second, since I was doing the paintable wallpaper with a wallpaper liner, I knew we didn't have to have an ultra smooth finish on the wall on the bathroom side.  Fortunately, it wasn't as expensive or labor intensive as normal.  Next, I thought to myself when I saw the L - shaped shower rod.....what the heck???  Whenever the bathroom door is opened, unless you had a special short shower curtain made for that area, you'd have no privacy and a shower that wouldn't get warm and steamy.  It didn't take me long to come up with the solution which you will see in the next picture.  I'll finish here by saying, as a designer, I can appreciate all colors except for maybe one or two.....Big Bird yellow and Pepto Bismol pink. The first one makes me want to scream and the second one makes me want to barf!  This indeed was a Design 911 kind of situation!

This ended up being one of the best transformations when it was all said and done.  I love the textural elements from the glass block wall as well as the privacy it gave.  Plus, now there's a wall inserted toilet paper holder in bronze along with the shower curtain rod tying everything together.  When you think of faucets and cabinet hardware, remember these things are like the "jewelry" with the "outfit."  I absolutely love this shower curtain. The seersucker adds another textural element and the pattern looks like waves.  Notice the darker gray tone on the built-in.  I love tone on tone.  Of course, Big Bird left the room and went back to Sesame Street where he belongs so all's well that ends well. 

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